Saturday, 10 May 2014

We are making Celensoft Instant free.

You read it right !  We are making Celensoft Instant free so that many more users can get their hands on this wonderful software.  Instant will be free along with the launch of our new redesigned website very soon. We will let you know when the  free version is available via email.  

Thanks for being with us. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Marie Rowland on Celensoft Instant

Celensoft Instant is a social networking and email clientfor your desktop, it offers an attractive, organised andunobtrusive way to keep up to date with all your social networking accounts at once.

Celensoft Instant integrates Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Google+ in one easy-to-follow and convenient interface. This application is a dream come true for anyone who spends their days juggling a lot of social networking accounts. If the manipulation of social media accounts is a part of your daily job then this is an essential accessory for your desktop.

It can be awkward and annoying having to manage a series of tabs with your Facebook, Twitter etc. accounts, it can slow down the speed of your computer and it isn’t the smoothest or most efficient way of keeping up-to-date with correspondence. Celensoft Instant offers a convenientpush notification feature so that you are notified and shown information on your accounts' latest activity. This is essentially multi-tasking software. You can work away on documents, spread sheets, multimedia editors etc. while still keeping on top of online social interactions by the non interfering window that the application produces when there are any notifications.

Annoyingly this free version of Celensoft Instant only offers a 10 use trial. You tend to become attached to the application fairly quickly, it is so easy-to-use and manageable that you begin to wonder how you ever lived without it when your trial runs out!

My favourite element of Celensoft Instant is Quick Note. This is a clever little tool that allows you to take notes while you browse and then auto-saves so your musings are never lost! This is a great addition for anyone, like me, who gets ideas from browsing and then forgets to write them down,Quick Note is the saviour of the absent-minded!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Super Web 17

Super Web is our most successful product ever and has reached more than a million downloads a month ago. Today I am happy to announce the next version of Super Web, Super Web 17. Super Web 17 is a major release with a large number of new features, a new and modern design and lot more. Super Web will be featuring the fast and powerful webkit rendering engine. Super Web 17 is absolutely a stunning piece of engineering.

Super Web 17 will be available to general public on late April. Excited about the new version and how it's going to change the web. 

With regards,
Celento C George
Chief Executive Officer, Celensoft 

Friday, 31 January 2014

Softpedia review on Super Web

Written by Mihaela Citea on November 30th, 2013

Celensoft Super Web offers you an alternative to the bigger players in the Internet navigators category, providing an appealing tabbed interface, fast speed and support for the latest technologies. Based on the Chromium engine, this browser bundles all the tools that you would expect from such an utility and extra features that make it stand out from the abundance of web explorers available to the public. It impresses through the variate customization options and its focus on improving the user workflow. One distinctive feature is the integrated mini web browser, a floating window that can be used for easily accessing a frequently used webpage, such as Facebook, Twitter or the email account.

This stripped down version of Celensoft Super Web does not come with complex configuration options, sporting a small window that comprises navigation tools only. The browser focuses on encouraging communication and therefore it comes with shortcuts for posting comments on the Facebook wall, publishing a tweet or sharing a link on Google Plus. Other than this, it bundles all the tools that you would expect from such an utility.

The bookmark management tool and the fast navigation options allow you to quickly access proffered webpages, while the integrated download manager displays a history of all the saved files, allowing you to copy their download links and go to their location. An integrated cookie manager, website history, automatic page translation, a built-in task manager, session management, full screen view are other advantages that this application comes with. Furthermore, its appearance is fully customizable, as users have the possibility to change its theme (this procedure requires a browser restart to be completed). On an ending note, Celensoft Super Web offers fast navigation speed and a streamlined browsing experience, thanks to its pleasant look and fast access to social networks.

Friday, 13 December 2013

New Favicon

We have recently updated our favicon on all our new sites. Visit to see the new favicon in action.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Super Web - CNET Editor's Review

Super Web includes most of the must-have features of a browser and several niche features that may win it some fans. Though it probably won't pull most people away from the likes of Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, that's not a knock on this solid program. If you don't need add-ons or extensions, it's definitely worth trying.

During the install, our antivirus program flagged this program as suspicious, though a post-install scan reported no viruses. The browser lets you incorporate your bookmarks from another program and set a default search engine right out of the gate. Though the app wins major points for its sleek, streamlined style that gives your pages more room to breathe, it lets you edit its look and feel with a few themes, as you might expect. However, Celensoft Super Web does not include extensions or add-ons in its app store, which might be a deal breaker for power users. It does feature an incognito mode and a built-in translator to automatically translate pages as you surf, though. There are even a few buttons that let you share to Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks without leaving the page or opening a new tab.

Though many people might not need the features this browser boasts, we could see people using them a lot. Celensoft Super Web misses the mark a little by not offering a robust add-on store like its competitors, but it gets passing grades in most other categories. If you're still undecided in the great browser wars, this one is worth trying.

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