Saturday, 28 September 2013

Super Web 16. Meet the world's best browser.

Thanks to the millions around the globe for choosing Super Web. If you are a proud user of Celensoft Super Web it is your time. Super Web, the best browser the world had ever see is making a next giant leap.
Super Web 16 is the fastest web browser in the world with lots of features that is absent in any other browser. Speed is what we have focused and that is what we have gained. Super Web 16 is twice as fast as Google Chrome. I am not joking, see it yourself when it arrives and you will know that I was serious.
We have redesigned the entire browser and gave it a new modern look.We added more HTML 5 and WebGL support. Now the graphics on the webpage will run twice faster than before. New features such as top sites have been added to Super Web hence you can add your unique websites to the new tab page. Super Web ranked really high in customer satisfaction. We need that and that is more than any downloads to us. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting and helping Super Web in its long journey.

We keep coding....
Celento C George

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