Friday, 31 January 2014

Softpedia review on Super Web

Written by Mihaela Citea on November 30th, 2013

Celensoft Super Web offers you an alternative to the bigger players in the Internet navigators category, providing an appealing tabbed interface, fast speed and support for the latest technologies. Based on the Chromium engine, this browser bundles all the tools that you would expect from such an utility and extra features that make it stand out from the abundance of web explorers available to the public. It impresses through the variate customization options and its focus on improving the user workflow. One distinctive feature is the integrated mini web browser, a floating window that can be used for easily accessing a frequently used webpage, such as Facebook, Twitter or the email account.

This stripped down version of Celensoft Super Web does not come with complex configuration options, sporting a small window that comprises navigation tools only. The browser focuses on encouraging communication and therefore it comes with shortcuts for posting comments on the Facebook wall, publishing a tweet or sharing a link on Google Plus. Other than this, it bundles all the tools that you would expect from such an utility.

The bookmark management tool and the fast navigation options allow you to quickly access proffered webpages, while the integrated download manager displays a history of all the saved files, allowing you to copy their download links and go to their location. An integrated cookie manager, website history, automatic page translation, a built-in task manager, session management, full screen view are other advantages that this application comes with. Furthermore, its appearance is fully customizable, as users have the possibility to change its theme (this procedure requires a browser restart to be completed). On an ending note, Celensoft Super Web offers fast navigation speed and a streamlined browsing experience, thanks to its pleasant look and fast access to social networks.

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