Friday, 23 August 2013

Celensoft Instant

A Twitter, Facebook, G mail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail client for your windows that floats around your desktop. Celensoft Instant always stays on top of your open windows, no matter what you do in background , Celensoft Instant always updates your content and hence you are always up-to date with your social networks or email.

Celensoft Instant uses ground breaking technology to render contents and deliver in a most pleasing way.
Celensoft Instant is a revolutionary client for all your Social Media and email. The greatest thing about Celensoft Super Web is that it floats around your screen and hence you can view your important stuff always without having to switch.

Celensoft Instant uses ground breaking technology to deliver your favorite content with no hassle. You can switch between your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or email account with just a click. No loading and hence no wait. You can use Instant along with your favourite application always displaying what you love.

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